Sun & Sand


Prefacing a birthday with a beach bonanza of sorts requires a list of MUST-HAVES
-$$$ to make it possible
-SPF 2,000 for the ghost friends
-A variety of refreshments to keep the weekend in full swing
-The brightest and/or tackiest beach giddup you can conjure
-Skanky beach aliases to make things more interesting
-Those that have been around to witness your transition to seawitch

And maybe the most important… a playlist to serve as the soundtrack to all your forthcoming shenanigans.

While my playlist is still growing and changes are being made you can follow it’s progression on spotify by clicking the link below. 100+ songs so far!

This playlist was made to set the stage for summer with plenty of Indie Pop, Afropop, Soul and R&B. Selections from the past are sprinkled in with hits from today. Tastes may vary but I feel this cluster of songs will be like your beach buzz: smooth… upbeat… a little funky at times… and ready to keep going!

Give it a listen today! 

[Sun & Sand Playlist – Click to Listen ]

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Dear Pensacola: A Love Letter


Dear Pensacola,

My nerves are about to drive me crazy as I prepare to meet you for the first time. I hope you are just as excited as I am! These feelings, those that promises of sun & sand stir up, are something I haven’t experienced for a long time but… you have changed that. You’ve changed me.

It is my hope that you don’t mistake this overflow of excitement for vocalized, unrealistic expectations. As wonderful as a perfect and picturesque weekend would be… our brief time together means more to me than you could ever imagine and more than overcast skies and rain could ever stifle.

So, please, don’t feel the need to impress me. You already have. You are what I need right now. Without the sun, the sand will mean just as much.

“What is it that I am anticipating then?”, I’m sure you’re wondering. But I assure you there is no timeline or schedule that needs to be planned and strung along during our special time together. With you I feel there will be no boredom, no voids or slots to be filled… I’m sure you think I’m just putting you up on a pedastol but… this is just the truth.

All the little things. That’s what I yearn for. They are what I need.

I need sunsets with you and even more importantly I need sunrises with you. I need to wage a war with this thing they call sleep deprivation and prove that you, my Helen of Troy, are worth every yawn and dark circle that force themselves upon my face. I need to permanently imprint the tastes of you upon my mind so I will always have our time to revisit. I need to forget this simple world that I’m leaving behind and just let time stand still while I embrace everything that you are.

While it seems somewhat impossible that you would feel even remotely as deeply about me as I do for you… I hope that you will wait for me patiently and at least allow a small smirk from your lips when you think of me.

Soon, my love, we will have each other.