Ya wanna do somethin’?


‚ÄčOn my morning commute I came across an idea. It was just there, sitting on the side of the road all overzealous and wearing a shirt that said “You’re Going To Fail”. I chuckled and gave him a ride anyways.

One of my favorite passtimes is to go through my Facebook feed or even my friend’s list and look at each person and say… does this person even care that I exist? Or if they appear to be posting things I don’t agree with on a scale that I just can’t handle… I simply ‘unfriend’ them. It sounds juvenile but it’s actually quite a spiritual experience. You are finally ripping down the pretense that we’ve created over the years. We have been led to believe that if I work with this person, have class with this person or even meet this person at a party… I must add them on Facebook.

Some people it even goes further. They add people they don’t even know, haven’t even met, friends of friends that they find cute because… well come one… that’s what really matters right?

(Insert eyeroll)

I refuse to be a person that just collects individuals though as back ups for when everyone else is busy or when I need a self-esteem boost via a new selfie upload.

Still, as I look at my dwindling amount of Facebook friends, I realize that is still quite the large amount of people. Do I have anything to do with them though? My core friend group seems to waver around a 6-8 number and I have many more friends than that on social media.

So I have an offer to make. Instead of sitting and wondering why I never see this person anymore or wondering if there is a night that a blackout took over and I possibly ruined their life… I’m going to do this…

If you want to be a part of my life. If you want to hang out or cross each other’s paths. Here I am.

It can be a lunch or a dinner or drinks or a movie or something crazy random or even slightly outdoorsy (insert heavy breathing).

For the past however many months I have been attempting to be happier and live my life how I want rather than how is convenient.

This doesn’t have to take place soon or even this month. We’re all adults with busy lives… but I am going to make a list of each person who takes me up on this and I am going to sit and plan and I’m not giving up on anyone unless you give up first!

Facebook, instagram, text, wordpress comment… here I am folks… we were friends in some way shape or form once. Do you wanna hang out?

Addendum: JD sir you are automatically on this list because you made every effort to hang out with me over the holidays and those plans got shunned. I will find a way to make it to you although Jamie O’Neal says there is no Arizona.