Sun & Sand


I take playlists very seriously.

It’s just a well known fact.

And as I prepare for what will most certainly be my best birthday adventure yet I am also preparing what I hope to be a summer playlist like no other. Sun and sand go hand in hand with the appropriate music.

As a child my eyes watched countless films depicting epic Summers that both the young and the not-so-young (I’m looking at you Stella) experienced. While these films were great on their own, what I really paid attention to was their soundtracks.

The tunes that played when they popped the cap off their soda in glass bottles.

The beats that drummed while they let go of things in their every day life that were holding them back.

Those melodies that made us want to fall in love with a stranger or a strange place we were hesitant to explore.

I’m attempting to collect the perfect tracks for the warm seasons of 2017. The old, the new, the inbetween… a soundtrack for the dog days of summer.

Once I’ve made enough progress, and have a hefty enough list, I will post a link for you to enjoy the collection.

Until then though follow along through my Facebook page as I link music videos of my selections.

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Stay tuned!


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