Let’s Get Weird


In wake of this morning’s brief, yet arousing, thunderstorm I have decided to make today mine.

Nestling into my nook at my place of work, I changed my computer’s desktop wallpaper to a soothing image from “My Neighbor Totoro” and unpacked my low carb box of grossness for the day… and I decided to finally start this blog.

Without really meaning to, I ended up well rested for today and the barely solid hour I’ve been here I’ve actually accomplished some work. Today feels right.

In all honesty I’ve started this post, or one like it, a seemingly million times over the last month. I always claim to be a wannabe-blogger and the one I started in the fall crashed and burned. So it only makes sense that I would set myself up for personal failure yet again, right?

Simply stated I believe I was putting too much pressure on myself and stifling my creativitiy. A direction would be picked and I would feel like I couldn’t even remotely stray from what I had set myself up to accomplish.

I’m done with that. I’m weird. So let’s get weird.

I want to expose you to my creativity and my discoveries.

Anything & Everything.

Some will be brief. Some may be simple videos. Some may make you question my sanity.

Good luck everybody!


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